Memorandum of Association

1. Name –
a) The name of the Association shall be: Ruddington Gardeners’ Association

2. Object –
a) To promote the interests of all gardeners in Ruddington
b) To arrange for the sale and distribution of gardening goods at the best possible price to members
c) All monies collected to be used for the betterment of the Association
d) To arrange for lectures, exhibitions and social affairs as the Committee see fit.

3. Members –
a) Membership is open to all with an interest in gardening, and who will abide by the Rules of the Ruddington Gardeners’ Association

4. Annual Membership Fee –
a) Annual subscription determined at the A.G.M. for the following year
b) Payment of membership fees to be recorded on an individual membership card
c) Evidence of current membership required for purchases or to vote at AGM

5. Officers and Committee –
a) The Officers shall consist of Chairman, Secretary, Membership Secretary and Treasurer. Up to five committee members may be co-opted
b) The Officers and Committee shall retire at the A.G.M. but shall be eligible for re-election
c) A quorum at Committee meetings shall be not less than four, including two officers of the Committee

6. Auditors –
a) Two appropriate persons who are not members of the Committees
b) Auditors are appointed by the Committee

7. Meetings –
a) The Annual General Meeting: receives the accounts and elects Officers for the ensuing year
b) Special General Meetings may be called on the request, in writing of at least ten paid up members
c) The date of Committee meetings and the A.G.M. to be determined by the Committee
d) The Chairman has the casting vote on all meetings

8. Discussions at Meetings –
a) Any subjects decided by the elected Committee

9. Funds –
a) Monies recieved from any source to be paid into the Association’s Accounts and shown in the annual accounts
b) Cheques to be signed by the Treasurer and one nominated Committee member

10. Matters not provided for –
a) Any matters not provided for in these rules shall be dealt with by the elected Committee